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Child Road Safety

The information in this section has a simple purpose: to help you to keep children safer on the school journey and when cycling.

All children in the West of Scotland will currently be offered information about road safety at school but as a parent or carer you also play a big part in helping your child to learn how to stay safer.

Children will copy adults' behaviour, so if they see you taking risks they will probably take risks too. One of the best ways that you can help your child to stay safer is to set a good example when when on foot, cycling, using the roads and in the car.


Road safety education training programmes first and foremost must meet current educational requirements for the resources to be utilised in schools, however the process should meet the needs of a the relevant educational curiculum.. 

Where resources are in place, road safety staff should provide an advisory service for teachers to deliver. To be effective, education materials covering knowledge and theory must be transferrable to practical skills in the real life environment. Practical pededestrian training (Kerbcraft) is an example of this teaching being put into practise.


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