Welcome from the Chair.

In my role as Chair of Road Safety West of Scotland (RSWoS), I would like to welcome you to our website.

Membership of RSWoS consists of the twelve West of Scotland Local Authorities, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service.  Since its inception, the primary focus of RSWoS has been to work in partnership to deliver a quality, targeted programme of road safety education, engineering and enforcement.

Road safety is our priority – we aim to work as a collective to help achieve the casualty reduction targets as set out in Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020.  Road safety is everyone’s responsibility but through RSWoS, we hope to deliver consistency in approach that will ultimately improve safety on roads throughout the West of Scotland and beyond.

Enjoy our website.

Cllr Stewart MacDonald
East Dunbartonshire Council
Chair: Road Safety West of Scotland

Target and Statistics

 Tough new road casualty reduction targets have been set out by the Scottish Government's Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2020. 

These targets are set out against  2004 - 2008 average casualty baseline figures in the following areas;

  • People killed - a 30% reduction by 2015 / 40% reduction by 2020
  • People seriously injured - a 43% reduction by 2015 / 55% reduction by 2020
  • Children aged under 16 years killed - a 35% by 2015 / 50% reduction by 2020
  • Children aged under 16 years seriously injured - a 50% reduction by 2015 / 65% reduction by 2020
  • Slight casualties (per kilometres of vehicle travel) - a 10% reduction by 2020

The full document can be viewed at www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/Doc/274552/0082161.pdf.  

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